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Enhance your "Pages of Inspiration" experience with our exclusive, limited-edition mugs. Each one is thoughtfully designed to resonate with the themes of faith and literature celebrated at our event.


Blue Mug: Imbued with the serene hues of a tranquil sky, this mug is a daily reminder to lift your spirit and inspire your journey with every sip.


Brown Mug: Featuring an elegant design that echoes the timeless beauty of a well-loved book, this mug invites you to curl up with your favorite stories and embrace the warmth of wisdom.


Crafted for comfort and style, these mugs are perfect for your morning coffee or evening tea. Collect them at our event on February 24th, 4 PM ET, at the Beehive Event Center, Fredericksburg, VA.

Pages of Inspiration Mug

  • Please note, exclusive items from the "Pages of Inspiration" bundles will be available for pickup only at the event on February 24th, from 4 PM to 6 PM, at the Beehive Event Center & Library Lounge. No items will be shipped; all must be collected in person during the event hours. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you there!

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